When you’re stuck at home with the Children….

Hello Everyone

We hope you are keeping safe and happy at home, however if you have children at home from school or nursery you may be running out of ways to keep them occupied.

We have some suggestions:

First of all here are some activities based around Secret Messages.

Mostly for children aged 7 and up though younger children can still enjoy having a go.

Secondly, as you have no doubt already discovered, there is a wealth of wonderful on-line material to keep your children entertained and educated.

Check out the’ Kids in Museums website’ Kidsinmuseums.org.uk. ‘News’ section – many useful links to activities available online from museums across the country.

We love Tate.org.uk (see the Tate Kids page)  and Maryrose.org   (Things to make and do! page). New links appear weekly.

For Toddler and Pre-School children check out ‘Five Minute Mum‘,- google it!

Its full of ideas and understanding that toddlers are unlikely to concentrate for more than a few minutes, they might just, with any luck, follow one of her ideas long enough to enable you to finish that coffee or send off a text!

Hope to see you all back soon when the museum re-opens. Until then Keep Safe and occupied!

Best Wishes

Thame Museum