Derek’s Devilishly Difficult Picture Quiz

All the photos below were taken by Derek, one of our duty managers in the last three or four years except one that was taken ten years ago – which may help in answering the question.

The questions range from dead easy at the start to devilishly difficult at the end. The number of points earned for each correct answer reflects the level of difficulty, including the chances of finding the answer by going on-line. All strategies are allowed” ‘phone a friend’, social media, whatever.  Deadline for entries is Tuesday 30th June


Question 1
a: what street is this? (1)
b: what does the sign advertise? (1)
c: what is the name of its most famous owner? (2) d: where did he move to when he left Thame? (4)

Question 2
a: how many bells? (1)
b: name the nearest road leading off the main road opposite this sign? (1)
c: name the nearest road leading off the main road on the same side? (1)
d: what is missing on this road? (3)

Question 3
a: on which road is this? (2)
b: what is the blob after the E made of? (6)

Question 4
a: what was it originally? (2)
b: on what road is it? (2)
c: what date was it built? (4)
d: what made it rather special until a few years ago? (6)

Question 5
a: where are these signs? (1)
b: what is Hayter’s full name? (1)
c. what is his connection with Thame? (2)
d. what were his two last posts before retirement? (2)

Question 6
a: where would you find the flagon and goblets now? (1) b: what metal are they made of? (1)
c: in what century did they first become popular with the middle classes? (4)

Question 7
a: what is this a view of? (1)
b: in what year was the photo taken? (2) c: in what month? (3)

Question 8
a: on what road is this? (2)
b: what was the original purpose of this building? (2)
c: why is the date of 1569 in some ways a year premature? (4)

Question 9
a: where is this? (2)
b: what is the mark to the right of the handrail called? (4) c: why was it placed there and by whom? (5)
d. is the mark about 50, 100 or 150 years old? (5)

Question 10
a: what is the name of this lane? (4)
b: what road does it start from at its eastern end? (3)
c: what village did the lane originally lead to? (5)
d. it’s part of a national cycleway but you can’t ride your bike along this stretch. Why? (10)

Send your answers to – a small prize awaits the highest score!!