Antiques Homeshow

We aren’t promising to value your ‘collectables’ at £ millions, nor can you meet Fiona Bruce BUT we would love  you to send us some pictures of an interesting item you own, it could be something you have had in the family for years, something that has been handed down through generations, something with an interesting history behind it.  It doesn’t have to be old;  it’s the story that matters!

Be a Curator for the day!

Send us a photo and tell us why it’s special to you.

We’ll show the artefacts and their stories below so everyone can join in the fun.

Send your pictures and stories to with the Subject Title : Antiques Homeshow

Notes for your submission :

  •  tell us if you don’t want your name attached to the piece
  • please keep your story to a maximum 300 words
  • take the best picture you can in the highest resolution compatible with being emailed to us. (usually up to 4mbs)

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