Fun for all the Family

  We’re Back!

We are very pleased that our museum is now open again and look forward to seeing you. Although we can’t have our usual range of activities out at the moment we have a new activity sheet called ‘Play as you go’ with some fun things to do on your visit.

You can download it here and bring it with you. We will also have paper copies available at reception.



page1image1832512 Bats and spiders are hidden in Thame Museum – come and visit to see how many you can find!

We also have  two other Fun Trails which you can downloaded here:

THAME drawing quiz

Rainbow quiz

As you won’t be able to use the dressing-up area at the moment we’d love you to visit us dressed up in your own costume! Be a king or queen, a superhero or your favourite character.

Museum at home

If you are unable to visit or would just like some museum fun at home here are some ideas to try.

Museum mystery

The building that is now the museum wasn’t built to be a museum. Can you find out what the museum used to be? You could ask someone or look it up online. Here is a clue – you might have been rather naughty to end up here!

Once upon a time at the shops

Do you have a favourite shop in Thame? Has it always been the same type of shop or did it have a different name once and sell different things? You might recognise the shop in this photo but it doesn’t look like this nowadays. What differences do you notice? Ask your parents or grandparents about your favourite shop and if they knew it by a different name. What did it sell?

Playtime Past

What toys did your grandparents or parents play with when they were little? Ask them. Were some of their toys the same as yours or very different?  If you can get a photo of a toy they used to play with send it to us at and we will share it on our Facebook page.

Who are you?

We think these Elizabethan wall paintings in the museum were made for a wealthy merchant. He wanted the paintings to tell people what kind of person he was.   Make your own painting or collage to tell people all about you, for example what you like doing, what you are proud of, what you like to eat or what you’d like to do when you grow up.

Take a photo of your ‘wall painting’ and send it to us at We’d love to see it and will share it on our Facebook site.

Looking for some more museum fun? To have a go at making Secret Messages –

click on this link