December : Christmas – A Festive History

16th December 2021.     7.30-pm.     £7.00 (£5.00 Members)



A Presentation by Andy Thomas

From the ancient celebration of light in the winter darkness, to the marking of the birth of a messiah, mid-December has long been a time for rituals and rejoicing. Yet the history of Christmas has not been straightforward; its celebration was banned in Puritan times, and its traditions splintered into many guises before the Victorians rehabilitated the festival into what it has become. Andy shows how, for all the modern commercialisation, we can still find meaning in Christmas today and keep the flame of light alive in the winter darkness.

Andy is the author of Christmas: A Short History from Solstice to Santa, together with several books on Sussex history and folklore. He is also a renowned researcher into unexplained mysteries and cover-ups and his book The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies explores these.
His many other books include definitive guides to the crop circle mystery.

Andy extensively writes and lectures in Britain and around the world, and he has made numerous radio and TV appearances. including BBC 1’s The One Show, Channel 4’s Richard and Judy,

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