July : Crime & Punishment in Victorian Britain

8th July 2021      7.30pm.   £7.00 (£5.00 Members).




A Talk by Dr. Simon Wenham

There were considerable fears about law and order in Victorian Britain.  Not only were some urban areas viewed as positively dangerous, but there were also a number of high- profile crimes that both transfixed and terrified the Victorians.  Join Simon Wenham to explore the activities of the so-called ‘underbelly’ of society and the State’s attempt to control and punish criminality.

Oxford based DR. SIMON WENHAM teaches courses on the Victorian period in the Department of Continuing Education Oxford. He has written several books on aspects of the Victorian era, including, ‘Pleasure Boating on the Thames: a History of Salter Bros 1858’(2017) and more recently ‘Hobbs of Henley: a History’, published last year.

He is a regular contributor to Radio Oxford and has carried out interviews for a number of TV documentaries.