February Talk

Can Onions Cure Earache?

Medical advice from the 18th Century

What common condition can be treated with cow dung? How do crushed oystershells ease heartburn? Can onions cure earache? And how do you stop a stubborn case of the hiccups?

If someone was struck down by illness or injury in the late eighteenth century, the chances are that they would have referred to William Buchan’s Domestic Medicine – with the result that they might have found themselves drinking a broth made from sheep brain or administering drops of urine in their ears.

To hear more about these rather unorthodox remedies, join history writer Melanie King in her  amusing illustrated talk about the Scottish physician and his self help manual.  However, much of Dr. Buchan’s advice on how to live a healthy life and avoid disease is just as relevant today.

Melanie King has published eight books and her latest on The Secret History of English Spas was released in September 2021. Her passion is to make history come alive and she always wants to make sure that there is always at least one factoid, strange, but true, that you take away.

Join us for the first of our online talks for 2022 on Thursday 10th February starting at 7.30pm

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