March Talk

The Upper River Thame

A River in Recovery

Cuddington Mill on The River Thame is a tributary of the Thames, joining it at Dorchester-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. The Thame flows from the north-east, passing the town of Thame, then through the beautiful Aylesbury Vale, past Cuddington, and on to Aylesbury town.
Much of the land is managed by Waddesdon Estates, which are owned by Lord Rothschild and farmed to the highest of environmental standards. The land along the river banks floods regularly and is thus left a lot to itself so is very rich in wildlife.

Join Doug Kennedy, ecologist and author as he describes the river, its setting, wildlife and interesting buildings from above Aylesbury to Thame and Waterstock, beautifully illustrated with many photographs.

His talk also touches on the serious pollution incident of 2013 and discusses the work being done for its recovery, as well as the  new wetland and wildlife developments and the opposing pressures from housing and population.

Doug Kennedy has had a lifelong interest in the landscape and in natural history and ecology.  He is also a keen rambler and runner who has explored far and wide, taking photographs on the way. This has resulted in five photo-books exploring English regions. His latest book “Wildlife of the Pennine Hills” describes the main habitat types over the entire Pennine range and the organisms that live there.  It is filled with outstanding photographs by the brilliant naturalist and photographer, Tim Telling.

Join us Online on Thursday 17th March starting at 7.30pm

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