Live… In Person.. At the Museum…

For the last two years, we have brought you the monthly talks through the magic of your computer so we could all still hear (& see the wonderful programme the museum puts together).

Many people thoroughly enjoy this and like nothing better than to curl up on the settee with a glass of wine to listen to our guest speakers enlighten us from the comfort of their own home. Some of you may also have realised that Yvonne wasn’t really sitting in the museum but at a green screen on the top floor of her house in Oxford!!! Technology is a wonderful thing.

HOWEVER – time has moved on, most of us are vaccinated against the worst of COVID and many people have missed coming along to the museum to watch the talks in person so we are going to try an experiment!!!

The next few talks will be available BOTH online AND in-person. The speakers will attend the museum to give the talks and we will sell a strictly listed number of seats to those who would like to come along and see the talk in-person.

We will also install cameras and the necessary software to broadcast the talks as before and so if you are unable (or unwilling) to attend in-person, you won’t miss out.

You can buy tickets in the normal way by clicking on the link below – Its very self explanatory – just make sure you buy the right sort of ticket and we look forward either to seeing you online or in person.


Thank you