The Making of Midsomer – a murderous exhibition

This summer… visit Midsomer, “the murder capital of Oxfordshire”


This exhibition traces Thame’s involvement as a major location in the series…

For 25 years the hapless Barnaby Detectives have rooted out death and destruction in the leafy lanes of Midsomer and its county town of Causton.

As we know – like the Mounties – the Barnabys always get their man – or woman – or ghost – but where is it all put together? who decides who “gets the chop” and how do they come up with the frankly ludicrous plots… Its amazing… its fantastic… its entertaining…. and you can see how Thame is involved for yourself at Thame Museum (or should that be Causton Museum???).

This unique, one off exhibition is open from 25th June until 30th September – and entrance is free

…Just don’t turn your back on the staff… or drink any tea they may offer you… or stand too long under the skylight…  After all – its an exhibition, not an episode!!!

Midsomer Murders, the popular ITV series, celebrates 25 years in 2022.
Thame is one of the most filmed locations in the fictional Midsomer County. The exhibition features many of the 23 Thame venues used as filming locations in the series, as well as some of the locations in nearby villages.



Discover the History of Midsomer Murders and how it began in 1997

  • The books on which the series is based
  • Images of different scenes used in the series
  • The main actors who have appeared in 128 episodes to date
  • Some of the bizarre ways in which people have been murdered and the weapons used
  • The Midsomer Tours and their guides

Join us for talks about Midsomer Murders and Thame’s role in it…

watch this space for details…


Ever heard of a Theremin? Its the instrument that plays the strange theme tune – Come and have a go…




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With grateful thanks to Bentley Productions for their generous support in putting on this exhibition

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GROUP BOOKINGS OF 20+  : For visitor safety and crowd management in our small museum, larger parties can only be accommodated on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

If you would like to attend as a larger group then please pre-book by emailing the museum on telling us…

  • how many are in your party, and
  • the date (& approximate time) on which you would like to come.

The Museum will confirm your visit or offer you alternatives.