September Talk (2) Hybrid

Please note :

This talk was postponed from June

now September 29th

The Lost Villages of Oxfordshire

Everyone knows something about Deserted Medieval Villages, perhaps due to Plague or Sheep, which are generally the local explanations – but what really happened to them and why?


This tiny church on its own in the Windrush Valley is called Widford Church. In 1904 it was found to have been built on the base of a Roman house or temple. Mainly 13th century it has remnants of an 11th century Saxon or Norman building, There are two areas of uncovered Roman mosaic and several 14th century wall paintings. The nave has early 19th century box pews. Nearby are the remains of the deserted medieval village.

Join historian and OUDCE teacher, Deborah Hayter as she reveals the mysteries behind some of these villages. Deborah is first and foremost a landscape historian, looking to answer the question ‘Why do places look like they do?’, but she has also taught courses on village history and on the history of poor relief, which is a particular interest.

This talk will be  LIVE at the Museum, and will also be available ONLINE

Thursday September 29th at 7.30pm

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