Object of the month October 2022

Blue and white 18th century glazed tile

THMLM.2012.49.11 (2).jpg

Dutch Blue and White glazed tile showing Jonah and the Whale.

This tile was found under the floorboards of 1, Buttermarket, Thame, during renovation work in the 1980s.



At the time, the premises were used as a shoe and clothing shop called Martin and Silver. It is now Clinton’s Cards



Tin-glazed tiles were made in several countries to imitate Chinese blue and white porcelain. Those made in the Netherlands were produced in Delft, so they were known as Delft tiles, and the trend quickly spread to Britain.  The potters made unique tiles which could depict almost anything, such as images from classic myths and the Bible to scenes of everyday life.

The tile can be found in Cabinet C in the main gallery