Exciting Author Event happening 8th February

A blistering hilarious tour through the whirlwind of post-Brexit Britain, from the ousting of Boris to the dawn of a new era …. sort of

Taking everything from Partygate, BoJo’s drawn-out farewell and the disastrous reign of Liz Truss, to the psychodrama for the Tory leadership contests, the return of Rishi Sunak and the shenanigans of his impressively inept colleagues, Depraved New World is a collection of brilliantly lacerating political sketches, which captures British politics at its most absurd.


Join us on Thursday 8th February at 7.30pm

Venue : The Players Theatre, Nelson St. Thame


Live : £15; £12 (members)

Livestream: £10

Available from the museum online shop HERE